Noesora is a French photographer born in 1971, who currently lives in Alsace.

Sensitive to all causes of Humanity regardless of their size, Noesora develops a taste for photography through the contact of the pictures produced by great humanist photographers as she was a teenager.

Self-thaught and passionate, she equaly likes to catch her subject in its own environment and its daily anecdotes, seeking the moment that will speak volumes about him (Farafina Song, family affair) or to reinterpret reality through metaphors and poetry (Modern Wife, Paradise's lost). At this very moment, the picture is thinked without being premeditated and laid without being frozen. The Human remains in the middle of her concerns, including her work where it appears so implicitly through its apparent absence (The wind dropped, Hotel Madinina).

January 2016 : Paradise's lost, 6st at the "Rendez-Vous de l'Image", Strasbourg

October 2015 : Paradise's lost, Salon de la Quatrième Image, Paris

March 2015 : 3rd price, Contest "Une femme dans la ville", Magazine Causette

June 2013 : Modern Wife, Kornelia Landau Werkatelier, Saarbrücken (Germany)

October 2012 : Modern Wife, Keskon Fabrik, Nice (3rd price, Polychromes)

May 2012 : Modern Wife, Ateliers Ouverts, Strasbourg

August 2011: Farafina Song, La Petite Pierre
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